Weight loss wardrobe

Have you lost weight and you’re now unsure how to dress for your new body shape? Having previously lost 3 stone through Slimming World I can completely understand the daunting task of remodelling your wardrobe.

I went from a size 16 to a 10 and have now found a style I love – but it wasn’t an easy task, even as a stylist! Learning to embrace a new body shape and try to see the new you in the mirror isn’t as easy as people think. So if you’re wondering where to start and what to buy, I’m here to help.

We can have a look through your wardrobe (see Wardrobe Management for details), or we can take a shopping trip together (see Personal Shopping).

The experience starts with a quick questionnaire followed by an initial consultation.


£ 99.00

£ 25.00 /hr for each additional hour

2hrs shopping or a home visit, including initial consultation

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