Animal Print Trend

Leopard, zebra, tiger and snake. Which is your favourite?

It made a massive come back for Autumn 2018, but it’s back for Spring/Summer 2019 with a bang. Whether you feel it’s a bit too Scary Spice or Kat Slater from Eastenders, you just can’t escape it on the high street, so let’s just embrace it I say! 

My collection of animal print dresses is a tad out of control, and it seems to be spreading throughout my wardrobe now with skirts, shoes, belts and bags. I just love it – the colours are neutral and lend themselves to being worn with so many colours. Is that enough of an excuse to buy more?!

We are seeing a lot of red with zebra, as well as some neons popping in. I particularly love the shoes and accessories this season. 

So whether or not you want to go full on with the zoo theme with leopard, zebra, snake and tiger, or if you just want to hint towards the trend with a snakeskin belt, you will definitely not be short of options!

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