Meet Elly

I’m Elly Yates, a stylist and personal shopper based near Cambridge. I’m a true shopaholic; I absolutely love fashion and keeping up with the fast-paced high street, however my true love lies in helping women to feel confident about themselves.

I spend my days rifling through the shops finding the perfect outfits for my clients, trying on the latest trends and searching online to find key items to transform their wardrobes. I blog my own outfits daily on Instagram and share what’s in my wardrobe, styling tips and the latest high street trends.

Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s about finding the right thing that makes you happy, has space in your wardrobe and longevity. The fast-paced fashion world isn’t for everyone, which is why I’m here! I thrive on it.

Having worked in retail previously, that buzz of helping people choose clothes to fit their lifestyle and body shape just increases my love for styling and helping others. Seeing someone’s face light up because they feel good in what they wear is the most wonderful feeling and why I do what I do.

And let’s face it, everyone has a wardrobe blip – it’s so easily done. I love being a mother, but post-baby I lost my sense of identity and, with it, my confidence. My cluttered wardrobe consisted of an endless supply of leggings and over-sized jumpers that did nothing to boost my self confidence; I wasn’t dressing for me anymore and felt miserable when I looked in the mirror.

Whatever your reason for reading this, just know we all need a little help sometimes and you are not alone! So contact me today and be the next empowered woman who gets back the self confidence she truly deserves.